Some statistics about social gaming

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Social gaming is all the rage today, but not many are aware of the statistics that do more than just throw light on this fact. Social networks like Facebook have been instrumental in making startups like Zynga multi-billion dollar gaming behemoths that rake in handsome profits each year. With more and more companies entering the social gaming space, such David-to-Goliath success stories are only set to become more frequent.

Popcap Games, makers of the hugely successful Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies, had hired Information Services Group to conduct a survey on social gaming. The revelations were eye-opening. For one, it was found that the average social gamer was not a teen or a young adult, but a 43 year old woman. This finding alone shattered the myth that most gamers are either high-schoolers or bespectacled geeks. The survey also stated that 55% of social gamers are female, as opposed to the 45% who are male. 38% of female participants stated that they played frequently, while only 29% of males did the same.
Additionally, female social gamers are more likely to play with people they know than males, who are more ‘willing’ to play with strangers.

It must be noted that social games include the likes of Farmville on Facebook and other web-based games such as Mafia Wars, not platform-based games for the PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox. That segment is still dominated by young males.

Other surveys, such as the likes of Social Gaming Demographics for 2012, have noted that:

  • 29% of social gamers are married and have children
  • 79% have a collegiate or higher degree
  • 8% play social games from their mobile phones
  • 44% have an annual income of $50,000 or more
  • 58% are over the age of 40

Given below are some interesting infographics on social gaming statistics: