Casino Security Precautions

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Safe online casinos and good measures for users

Online gambling is very popular nowadays and it offers players the chance to enjoy their favorite casino games from home. While most sites also offer a free play version, the real excitement comes from wagering real money and this raises a big concern – Is online gambling secure?
With countless options available on the internet and multiple deposit methods to choose from, players are certainly given a wide range of possibilities and this can be both good and bad. The big and popular sites are normally the ones that put more effort into online security but it can sometimes be difficult to find a good online casino amongst the many bad ones. With this being mentioned, there are two categories of online security precautions to talk about: the ones taken by the site and the ones that can be taken by the user for a better online casino security.

Online Casino Security Measures

Online casinos can use certain measures to make sure that every financial transaction is secure and that players don’t have to worry about their information. Nowadays, the latest in security systems use 256 bit SSL encryption technology while the 128 bit version remains a stable choice. Basically these systems take the information from one party and encrypt it so that users cannot read it while it is being transferred to the other party. When it gets there, the same system is used to decrypt the information back so that it can be processed. This eliminates the risk of someone accessing it and stealing the information which can include personal data from players, credit/debit card info and pretty much everything that is introduced online.
Fraud detection software is also very important for trustworthy casinos. This system is used to constantly check the data transferred from the accounts and notice any drastic change in behavior. Basically, if the software notices that someone entered your account from a different location and is instantly trying to cash out all the money to another method than the one normally used, it will take the necessary steps in preventing online fraud. This protects the player and makes the online casino more reliable.
Online casinos should also keep all the personal data protected and not share it with a third party without the users knowing this. Various cases have taken place where the sites sold the data and this affected the players.
As mentioned before, it can sometimes be difficult to find a reliable online casino that takes all the security precautions and guarantees a secure environment. This secure new casino is highly recommended and can be joined in just a few minutes with various casino games available and great online security.

Casino user’s Online Security Measures

While the online casino can only do so much, the users also need to do their part in order to make sure that everything is safe and secure. The best and easiest measure to take is to always have an antivirus program installed on your computer with constant updates. This can eliminate a big part of all online threats and make it more secure while surfing the internet.
In addition, the password used for the online casino should always be secure. A great number of players don’t have a secure password despite the fact that most sites nowadays encourage users to use a long password with at least one number in order to make it more difficult to guess. Also, one should never use the same password for multiple accounts on the internet in order to avoid a chain reaction when an account gets hacked. A good measure is to constantly change the password you use on the online casino of choice and never share it with anyone.
Online scams are quite common but it is normally quite easy to spot them if you know what to look for. Online casinos will never send emails asking you for your account details or bank information. A great tip for online security in general is to never enter important information, such as personal data or card number, in a page which is not secure. This can be easily checked by looking for the small closed lock icon on the browser and by checking if the address contains https; the “s” stands for secure.

Some statistics about social gaming

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Social gaming is all the rage today, but not many are aware of the statistics that do more than just throw light on this fact. Social networks like Facebook have been instrumental in making startups like Zynga multi-billion dollar gaming behemoths that rake in handsome profits each year. With more and more companies entering the social gaming space, such David-to-Goliath success stories are only set to become more frequent.

Popcap Games, makers of the hugely successful Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies, had hired Information Services Group to conduct a survey on social gaming. The revelations were eye-opening. For one, it was found that the average social gamer was not a teen or a young adult, but a 43 year old woman. This finding alone shattered the myth that most gamers are either high-schoolers or bespectacled geeks. The survey also stated that 55% of social gamers are female, as opposed to the 45% who are male. 38% of female participants stated that they played frequently, while only 29% of males did the same.
Additionally, female social gamers are more likely to play with people they know than males, who are more ‘willing’ to play with strangers.

It must be noted that social games include the likes of Farmville on Facebook and other web-based games such as Mafia Wars, not platform-based games for the PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox. That segment is still dominated by young males.

Other surveys, such as the likes of Social Gaming Demographics for 2012, have noted that:

  • 29% of social gamers are married and have children
  • 79% have a collegiate or higher degree
  • 8% play social games from their mobile phones
  • 44% have an annual income of $50,000 or more
  • 58% are over the age of 40

Given below are some interesting infographics on social gaming statistics:

The Zynga success story

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Zynga is a name that has become synonymous with online gaming. A behemoth in the gaming industry, the company, headed by CEO Mark Pincus, is a case study for all those who want to make it big in this highly promising sector.

The Zynga success story is one of great interest. Based on a largely-free business model, the company had a lot of detractors in the beginning who scoffed at the idea of a free gaming service that could still rake in the profits. Pincus’ approach to gaming was that anybody, anywhere could play free quality games, with the exception of paying a small fee to better his/her results. This visionary outlook was viewed as ‘deranged’ at the outset, with numerous people even stating that Zynga was not a ‘real gaming company’.

Mark Pincus founded Zynga as an entrepreneur who had absolutely no experience in the highly-competitive gaming industry. During the early days of Zynga, he’d approached gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) to invest in the company, only to be laughed at for his free-for-play model. Given that EA followed the traditional pay-for-play system of gaming to rake in the money, this was no surprise.

Despite the several setbacks Mark Pincus experienced at the outset, he remained undeterred, which eventually worked wonders for him. This was because he struck up fruitful relationships with people like Bing Gordon, a gaming veteran, gaming designers Brian Reynolds and Mark Skaggs, and Owen Van Natta of Facebook. Skaggs and Reynolds in particular were instrumental in making Zynga rise above the clutter with their addictive, innovative gaming styles no one had ever experienced before.

In its short five-year history, Zynga has already earned well over $1.5 billion in revenues and consistently bagged the top six spots in the ‘most popular Facebook games’ list. Mark Pincus took things further by way of a public offering (IPO) for the company, the value of which is estimated to be approximately $8.9 billion.

Check out this great infographics about Zynga and Social Gaming

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